Top 4 Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan You Can Repair at Home

Kitchen appliances in Pakistan

Running into damaged kitchen appliances in Pakistan is nothing rare. However, if you run to an electrician every time, it will be a waste of money for some repairs. Luckily, there are some electrical appliance fixes that you can perform at home. Here, we will discuss those repair types and their solutions. So, let’s get started!

4 Top Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan You Can Repair at Home

Usually, many kitchen appliances in Pakistan often face a problem. But here are the top four appliances that may trouble you only due to a minor issue, and you can fix it at home. So, let’s get into them.

1. Refridgerator


Among all the other kitchen appliances in Pakistan, refrigerator repairs are the most common. However, some issues are so non-technical that you can easily fix them yourself.

For example, the fridge may not be cooling properly. To fix that, ensure the thermostat is set to the appropriate cool temperature (around 3°C to 5°C). Mostly, the condenser coils at the back may get dusty. Clean them with a soft brush to increase the cooling efficiency.

It may show excessive moisture buildup, which usually results due to a blocked defrost drain. A blockage can cause water to pool inside the appliance. Locate the drain (usually behind the crisper drawers) and consult your manual for cleaning instructions. It may also happen if you put heated food in the fridge more often. Avoid storing warm food inside.

Other times, your refrigerator may be creating too much noise. It happens as many components like drawers or shelves can become loose and rattle. Tighten any loose components. Otherwise, a failing fan (evaporator or condenser) can create unusual noises. Check if the fan blades are obstructed and ensure the fan is properly seated. Ensure you unplug the refrigerator before checking the fan.

2. Blender


Blender is also one of the most common kitchen appliances in Pakistan, which also face malfunctioning many times. Sometimes, it might not blend the ingredients properly. This happens because the food particles trapped under the blades can hinder performance. Clean the blades thoroughly with soapy water after unplugging the blender.

On the other hand, its blades can become blunt over time. If cleaning doesn’t solve the issue, consider replacing the blade assembly (depending on the model). However, poor assembly may also be the cause. So, ensure all parts are securely clicked into place, especially the blades.

Other times, you may experience a leakage while blending squashy or liquid items. A worn gasket can cause these leaks. The gasket creates a seal between the blade assembly and the pitcher. Replacement gaskets are often available for purchase depending on the blender model.

On the other hand, blending for extended periods or using the blender for tasks it’s not designed for (like crushing ice) can overheat the motor, causing a burning smell. Allow the blender to cool down and avoid overloading it in the future. In some cases, a burning smell might indicate a failing motor. If the overheating issue persists or worsens, consult a technician.

3. Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder

Usually found in middle- and upper-class homes, a coffee grinder is also one of the troubling kitchen appliances in Pakistan. Although its issues are limited, the frustration can reach its peak when the appliance doesn’t perform that one single task which it is designed for. However, among some of those issues, you can fix them DIY-style.

For instance, if the grinder is not grinding properly, it is because the coffee beans might be stuck between the burrs or hopper. So, turn off the grinder and unplug it. Now, carefully remove any jammed beans with a spoon or brush.

Plus, coffee residue can build up and hinder grinding performance. Clean the grinder blades with a small brush after unplugging the appliance. Refer to your manual for specific cleaning instructions for some models.

Another problem can be an uneven grind. The burrs that grind the coffee beans can become dull or uneven over time. It may grind the beans to an uneven size. Depending on your grinder model, replacement burrs might be available for purchase.

Plus, adding too many beans can cause them to overflow the hopper when grinding. So, use the recommended amount according to your grinder’s capacity.

4. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Lastly, we have electric kettles which are rare in many homes but are one of the most useful kitchen appliances in Pakistan. But sometimes, they don’t boil the water properly. It may be due to inadequate water level. Ensure the water level is between the minimum and maximum fill lines marked on the kettle. Heating with too little water can damage the heating element.

Moreover, mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate on the heating element, reducing efficiency. But its solution is very simple and is performable at home. Descale the kettle regularly by filling it with vinegar and water solution (equal parts) and boiling it. Leave it for almost an hour, then rinse thoroughly.

As with the heating issue, limescale buildup can also cause the kettle to make more noise while boiling. Descale the kettle as mentioned previously. But the noise problem can also occur as internal components might become loose and rattle during operation. Tighten any loose parts if possible.

Hire Experts to Repair Your Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan

Although you have a list of several repairs that you can do at home, you will still need an expert for complex repairs. Electrical appliances are not something you can mess with in unsure. So, it’s better to call for a professional to repair kitchen appliances in Pakistan.

And when you need professional assistance, what can be better than Reliant Solutions? The robust team of experienced technicians has been serving various cities in Pakistan for more than 10 years. Reliant is always by your side whether you need a reliable repair for kitchen appliances or other electrical home items.


So, the next time you face a troubling appliance, don’t just run to an electrician straight away. Inspect whether it is solvable on your side. If yes (like mentioned above), save your money, do a little effort and repair it at home.

But if the issue is more complex, never hesitate to contact a specialist, such as Reliant Solutions. It is better to let a professional handle your electrical appliances in Pakistan and revive them in the best way.

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