Empower Your Technical Skills with Reliant School of Technical Training

Our professional training programs, combined with hands-on experience, will strengthen your skills and help you develop a positive attitude that is in line with international standards.

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Unlock Your Potential and Enhance Your Technical Expertise

Established since 2014, Reliant Solutions is the largest independent After Sales Services company for Home Appliance(HA) and Home Electronics (HE) products across Pakistan. Got exclusive & Sole LG Products After Sale Service Authorization on Pakistan basis in --------- & continued till to-date . About 20 K per year valued LG Customers are being served on national basis .

Concept of RS Training School

Empower Your Technical Skills with Reliant School of Technical Training

School Vision

To Prepare High skilled Techno Commercial Technicians with hand on experience & guide lines of professional trainings like Customers Relationship Management to strengthen their Technical Knowledge & skills for having Positive attitude inline with international Standards .


In Pakistan , Normally there are no qualified & trained Technicians with Professional qualification but lagging behind against expectations of the Valued Customers about their technical Skills , Attitude & commitment & To Prepare Candidates to eliminate big Gap . A Reliant Solutions have always promoted customers needs & expectations through periodic trainings “ Technical & Customer relations” to their own staff / employees & got remarkable improvement by taking Customer’s feedback so decided why not take it on national basis through the concept of RS Training School in Lahore Head Office ( 1st Phase)

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Product training

At Reliant Solutions, we believe that empowering our customers with in-depth product knowledge is key to maximizing the benefits of their home appliances. Our comprehensive product training programs are designed to equip you with the expertise you need to make the most out of your appliances and ensure their optimal performance.

Product Handling:

At Reliant Solutions, we prioritize the satisfaction and safety of our customers even after the sale is complete. Proper product handling is crucial to maintain the longevity, performance, and safety of your home appliances.

Component Training:

At Reliant Solutions, we believe in empowering our customers with comprehensive knowledge about the components of their home appliances. Our component training programs are designed to deepen your understanding of how different parts work together, enabling you to make informed decisions and troubleshoot minor issues.

Customer Relationship Management:

At Reliant Solutions, we understand the importance of strong customer relationships in the after-sales service of home appliances. Our CRM approach focuses on creating meaningful connections and providing exceptional support to ensure your satisfaction and loyalty.
Stage -1

To Consult Experts about setting of Criteria for Candidates Selection & Preparation of Contents of Curriculum to be Taught

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Stage -2

To contact concerned Teachers/ Officials of Polytechnic Institutes to gather data of qualified Candidates among the best Students from renowned colleges

Stage -3

To Select students by taking written professional ( Technical) Test to short list the best candidates & to explain about offering Stipend @ Rs. 15K Per Month ( working hours from 09.00 to 06.00 Pm etc..( Monday to Saturday)

Product Range

Washing Machine
Air Conditioner
Deep Freezer
Dish Washer
Water Dispencer
Stage -4

Major Training Contents & Schedule in line