5 AC Fitting Challenges And Their Solutions

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Pakistan’s scorching summers demand a reliable and efficient AC system. But flawless operation hinges on proper AC fitting, a task that can be more intricate than it seems.  This guide delves into the common challenges technicians face during AC installation.

By understanding these challenges and the solutions employed by skilled technicians, you can ensure your AC system is installed to deliver optimal cooling performance, efficiency, and longevity.

AC Fitting Challenges: Line Set

Improper line set sizing, leaks, and routing issues can all disrupt this vital flow. It can lead to inefficiency, reduced cooling capacity, and even potential damage to the AC system. Here are a few of those line-set AC fitting challenges technicians face along with their solutions.

1. Incorrect Line Set Sizing

One of the most critical aspects during AC fitting is ensuring the correct line set size.  Unfortunately, undersized or oversized sets can lead to a domino effect of problems for your AC system. The AC unit struggles to pump enough refrigerant through the restricted lines, leading to impaired cooling performance. You might notice your home isn’t reaching the desired temperature.


Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation manual for the specific AC unit. It will contain a  line sizing chart  that considers factors like:

  • BTU Capacity
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Set Length
  • Elevation Change

For complex installations, manual load calculations might be necessary. These calculations consider factors like building size, insulation levels, and sun exposure to determine the actual cooling load the AC needs to handle. This information can be used to select the appropriate size based on the manufacturer’s charts.

2. Line Set Leaks

Refrigerant is essential for absorbing heat indoors and releasing it outdoors. A leak depletes the refrigerant level in the AC fitting, diminishing the system’s ability to absorb heat. This translates to warmer indoor temperatures and a frustrated customer. Moreover, refrigerants are greenhouse gases. Leaking refrigerant contributes to climate change and may be subject to regulations requiring proper recovery and disposal.


To combat the situation, technicians use soldering the copper line set connections with the right technique and filler metal. Techniques like nitrogen purging help minimise oxidation during brazing, creating a stronger and more reliable joint. Some manufacturers offer pre-charged sets with special mechanical connectors as an alternative to brazing. They eliminate the need for brazing and the associated risk of leaks. However, proper installation of these connectors is still crucial.

3. Line Set Routing Issues

The path your AC’s line set takes is more critical than you might think. Improper routing can create obstacles for the refrigerant flow, leading to inefficiency and potential damage. The restriction forces the compressor to work harder to overcome the obstacle, leading to higher energy consumption.


Before installation, carefully plan the line set path  considering:

  • Shortest Feasible Distance: Minimize the total length of the set to reduce friction losses.
  • Clearance from Obstructions: Maintain adequate clearance from walls, electrical wires, and other objects to avoid future damage or kinks.
  • Smooth Bends: Use purpose-built bending tools to create smooth, gradual bends with a minimum bend radius specified by the manufacturer. Avoid sharp kinks or crushed sections.
  • Elevation Changes: Minimize elevation changes whenever possible. If unavoidable, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper routing strategies with elevation differences.
  • Accessibility: Consider future maintenance needs. Route the line set in a way that allows for easy access for inspection and potential repairs.

AC Fitting Challenges: Electrical Connections

Incorrect wiring practices, from mismatched wires to loose connections and insufficient circuit capacity, can have serious consequences. And when it is concerned with the complicated AC fitting, you cannot take any risk. Below are a couple of challenges with their solutions.

1. Incorrect Wiring

The electrical connections that power your AC unit are the nervous system of the entire system. Incorrect wiring practices can have serious consequences, ranging from equipment malfunctioning to potential safety hazards. Connecting wires incorrectly during AC fitting can lead to a mismatch between the supplied voltage and the equipment’s requirements.


To solve it, always refer to the manufacturer’s wiring diagram specific to the AC unit you’re installing. This diagram will detail the correct wire connections, colour coding, and terminal placements.

On the other hand, use electrical wires with the appropriate gauge as specified in the manual. Undersized wires cannot handle the current and can overheat, posing a fire risk after air conditioner fitting. Oversized wires, while safe, are unnecessary and more expensive.

2. Insufficient Circuit Capacity

An AC unit with a high BTU rating draws a significant amount of current. If the electrical circuit supplying power is not designed to handle this current load, it can become overloaded. This overload can lead to frequent tripping of breakers. The circuit breaker, acting as a safety measure, trips to prevent overheating and potential damage to the wiring. This leaves you with a hot and frustrated customer.


Before installation and AC fitting, assess the existing electrical circuit’s capacity. This involves determining the circuit’s amperage rating and the total load it currently supplies (including lights, appliances, etc.). Also, refer to the  AC unit’s electrical specifications, particularly its  Running Current (RLA). This value indicates the amount of current the unit draws during normal operation.

Reliant Solutions – Your AC Fitting Experts

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during Pakistan’s scorching summers is no easy feat. That’s where Reliant Solutions comes in. We’re not just another AC fitting company. We’re your trusted partner for exceptional AC fitting services that ensure optimal performance and long-lasting comfort.

Our team of highly skilled and certified technicians are more than just installers. They are seasoned professionals who understand the intricate details of AC systems and the unique challenges posed by Pakistan’s climate.  The issues covered in this article, from incorrect line set sizing and leaky connections to faulty wiring and insufficient electrical capacity, are all challenges our technicians are adept at handling.

Final Note

A well-fitted AC system is an investment in your comfort and peace of mind. By recognising the potential challenges technicians address during installation and understanding the solutions they implement, you can feel confident that your AC system is operating at its peak. Remember,  professional AC fitting is key to keeping your cool and saving money on energy bills in the long run. 

So, if you want to choose the best AC fitting partners in Pakistan who are aware of the challenges mentioned above with their solutions, Reliant Solutions is the call. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can solve any air conditioning issue in a breeze and deliver the best fitting of air conditioners to your home.

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