5 Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Mistakes

In the approaching summer or during a hot day, having an air conditioner is a blessing. But if it breaks down or you don’t take proper care of it, the misery of hot weather can be unbearable. So, you can avoid the inconvenience by avoiding some air conditioning repair and maintenance mistakes.

Top 5 Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Mistakes

Although performing complex repairs is not advised, you can do some air conditioning repair and maintenance tasks on your own to limit serious problems. The top five are mentioned below:

1. Avoid Cleaning Filters

The filers on air conditioning units catch dirt and get clogged over time. So, they require regular cleaning. However, many people forget it or deliberately delay the process which results in lower performance. So, remember to clean your AC filters to keep the appliance running smoothly.

It is not a complicated task; you can even perform it DIY-style at home. Remove the cover of your air conditioning unit and take the filters off. Brush off the dirt thoroughly to get rid of the excess of it. Later, you can also rinse them in water for maximum cleaning. Leave them so they can air dry in the meantime. After the filters are dried, you can put them back, and reinstall the cover.

The whole procedure is simple enough and takes a mere 10 minutes. However, the only thing you have to adopt is remembering to clean them regularly. Usually, the common rule is to clean them every two to three weeks, but you should do it more often if you live in a dusty region.

2. Fitting Wrong Filter Size

Another common mistake that people make while performing an air conditioning repair is selecting the wrong filter size. Although you are taking care of them properly, accidents can happen and you may damage the filter. In this case, the only option is to buy another one.

But it is important to mention here that different air conditioning units have different filter sizes. It depends on their model, brand, and BTU size. So, before purchasing a new AC filter, remember to check its manufacturing details and recommended size to choose the correct one. You can also take one filter with you to show it to the salesman for better selection.

3. Covering the Outdoor Unit

covered Air conditioning repair unit

This one is a maintenance mistake that many people make in their ignorance. The outdoor unit of an air conditioner may indeed require care, but it is made to survive cruel weather. The outdoors can easily bear the scorching sunlight, stormy rains, freezing winters, and even a level of hail.

However, if you cover them with a sheet or something, it will block the airflow and affect indoor cooling. Moreover, the cover may get into the fan and damage it severely. The best you can do is put a shade over the unit to protect it from direct rain or hail. Otherwise, do not cover it with any fabric or plastic sheet, especially if it is operational.

Damage by such can cause a lot of trouble as well. The AC may get warm and stop working if it has to work harder. Your electricity bill will be increased as well. However, in severe cases, the overwork may also cause a short circuit. If nothing happens, damage as such may void the warranty.

4. Delaying Repairs

Sometimes, people get too lazy for their air conditioning repair. They often delay it especially if the problem is small. It not only increases the problem and makes it worse, but also risks the loss of appliance for all. However, it mostly happens in the maintenance part.

For example, the cleaning of filters requires opening the front cover, removing filters, washing, and putting them back. Although it takes only 10-15 minutes, many don’t bother to do it at all, and continuously delay it till tomorrow or weekends. Resultantly, it affects the cooling and eventually, causes the appliance to malfunction.

So, it is better to make a schedule of maintenance and perform it on time. If you notice trouble, try to contact an expert first. Problems like low cooling can be solvable on your own. However, only go for it if you are entirely sure and confident.

5. Thermostat Mistakes

Believe it or not, many people don’t pay attention to their thermostat settings and often set it at the wrong temperature. If it is set too low or at a warmer setting, people get confused that their AC is not working and they call for air conditioning repair. So, before you call in for an expert, ensure the temperature is set at the right temperature.

On the other hand, people often put it at a very low temperature to cool the room quicker. The room will cool at its normal speed, but the process won’t stop until the temperature doesn’t meet the desired one. Here, the problem arises if you set the temperature too low but live in a hot climate region. It forces this cooling appliance to operate harder and often overwork.

Call the Professional Air Conditioning Repair Team

So, try to avoid multiple AC mistakes. But when you face any and find it more complicated, don’t hesitate to call professionals, like Reliant Solutions. Our team has been serving in various regions of Pakistan for more than 10 years. We have gathered a list of numerous satisfied customers due to our brilliant and diversified services.

Our expert AC specialists will solve all the problems and provide you with amazing air conditioning repair solutions. The master will arrive at your location in no time and effectively make your air conditioner like brand new.

Besides the repair, we also provide installation, servicing, and maintenance for ACs, fridges, washing machines, ovens, and other home appliances as well. Operating all over Pakistan, you will get a repair solution anywhere in the country.

End Note

Facing an AC problem is not something uncommon. However, it may result from improper maintenance or making mistakes on some parts while repairing, which can worsen the situation. Most common include not cleaning filters or choosing their wrong size, covering the outdoors, putting thermostats in the wrong settings, or delaying repairs.

In the case of any trouble, it is always been best to call for an expert team, like Reliant Solutions. Our top-notch team will provide you with the best air conditioning repair and maintenance solutions to make your summertime chilly and relaxing.

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